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The woodlands and forestry at Coldbrook and Llanover are accredited for certification under the UK Woodland Assurance Scheme (UKWAS). They are managed by Andrew Bronwin and Co Ltd  to produce high quality timber for construction, furniture and woodfuel. There are many parcels and plantations of both broadleaf and conifer species, which form an important landscape feature in this part of the Usk Valley. Species grown include the native hardwoods Oak, Ash and Beech, as well as interesting exotics such as Redwoods, Southern Beech and Maples. Core commercial species are Douglas Fir, Norway Spruce, Scots Pine and Larch.

Timber Sales 

For sales of commercial timber by lots either standing or felled at roadside - please contact andrew@bronwin.co.uk 01597 825900

For all other sales including firewood, biomass, or exotic species for woodturning or furniture please contact tom@llanover.com